Friday, April 2, 2010

Vintage Graphics

I grew up in the days of manual typewriters and typewriter ribbons.  When we got to the end of the ribbon, we'd flip the spools around and type with them a second, third, maybe even a forth time through.  And the carbon paper, remember the carbon paper?  If we needed two copies of a document we'd slip a piece of carbon paper between two pieces of paper, roll them into the carriage and cross our fingers that we didn't make a mistake.
My Mom would keep the typewriter ribbon canisters and use them to hold buttons, pins and miscellaneous things she wanted to keep safe.  I think that's why I have such an affinity for these old containers, they remind me of my childhood - typing at the kitchen table with my Dad's old Remington and all the treasures I would discover on a rainy day searching through my Mom's sewing kit.

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